Work Week Wears: August 22-26

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It seems like August is always a busy month for me. This month has been filled with so many changes and the one thing that keeps me sane is that I get to pick out my outfits ad organize myself. We’ve been dealing with building a house, and the stress that comes with it. Plus I’ve been switched over to a new team in the past few weeks with a little bit more work than usual. It’s hard sometimes. And it will get harder as I start packing for our move to our new house. 


Monday Blues



Winter/Spring Wardrobe refresh!

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There are so many post holidays sales going on and I’m enjoying the options available right now. I’ve recently downsized my wardrobe and donated/sold a lot of items that I no longer love or fit in. This means I’ve got some space and a budget to shop!

 I’ve scavenged through the sites to find some key pieces for my Spring wardrobe.

Here are my favorite items from Zara. 




Blue Blazer with zippers now 29.99 USD


Multicolored Printed Dress 22.99 USD


Maroon Striped Shirt 19.99 USD


Denim Distressed Jacket $29.99 USD


Embroidered dress 15.99 USD

Zara16_printed_dress_3999.jpgMidi Printed Dress 39.99 USD

Purge Time: Cleaning out my closet

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The week after a long week of sickness is exhausting. Everyone tries to pack in all the meetings you’ve skipped and all the other events you couldn’t make it to because you were ill.

I’ve had an easy start to the week but as the week progressed it got harder to get dressed in the morning. Generally when this happens, it’s because I no longer fit in the clothes I own, I no longer like the items in my closet and/or the items are not in the best shape of their lives. In the beginning of the year, I made a resolution to donate or sell one item in my closet for every new item I bought. Well I haven’t really been keeping up with that as it’s easier to shop than it is to pick out something to donate. 

That means this weekend is purge weekend. Whenever I find it tough to get dressed in the morning, I’ll take some time out and sift through my wardrobe to make sure that everything that’s in there meets my current state of mind.

Here’s a few things that I make sure to do when purging…

1. Do the laundry

It doesn’t make sense to try and figure out what you like and don’t really care for in your wardrobe if half of it is in the ‘to be cleaned’ pile. I make sure to always do my laundry and put everything back in it’s hanger in the right spot of the closet. This way, I can work section by section and make sure I’ve tried and tested every piece of clothing I own.

2. Try and Test

The best way to figure out what to keep and what to donate/toss/sell is to try it on. One of my tips is to make sure you wear your ‘going out’ undergarments and put on some light makeup. This way you’ll feel nice and pretty when you try on your outfits and that can really influence your decisions.

  • Does it fit?
  • Does it have any tears, holes or need any patching up to do?
  • If it does, can you do it or does it need to be taken to a tailor?
  • Do you think you will wear it again in the next two weeks? 

3. Does it have a complementary piece? 

An important thing to consider when you decide to keep pieces is to make sure that the item of clothing has something that you can pair it with. 

So if I have a patterned shirt, I would want to see if I can find a pair of jeans or slacks to wear with it. If it doesn’t already exist in my wardrobe and I don’t absolutely love the shirt, then I would put it on a donate/sell pile. 

There’s no point in keeping something for which you need to go out and buy something to wear it with. It’s a waste of money, time and effort. 

4. Select your favorite items and compare the rest against it

Sometimes we end up with a lot of similar items in our wardrobes. I know that my husband loves chambray button downs and somehow he’s ended up with 4 of them in slightly different color variations. Whenever he purges, I make him chose his one most favorite button down and then see if he likes that one better than the rest. Whichever one he chooses is the one he gets to keep.  

So if you have multiple of the same style or color, pick your most favorite of the bunch and then see if you’d like to keep the rest. 

For me, I have about 3 black blouses that are very similar in cut, shape, and material. I’ll be sure to pick only one of those 3 when I purge. 

5. Try to sell things if possible

With the holidays coming up, everyone likes to keep their hands on as much cash they can get. For me that usually means selling my extra items to stores like Plato’s Closet or thrift shops. I get some cash, while others get some gently used clothes that are new to them.