Work Decor- Spruce up your office!

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It’s safe to say that the average American spends nearly 45 hours at work. From the sip of your first coffee to the end of your last meeting, you’ve probably spent an quite a bit of time at your desk. Whether it’s writing dispositions, or just a quick email to a colleague, your desk should inspire you to work better.

I’m not saying spend half of your paycheck on beautifying your office space. You can achieve a good looking cubicle under $50-$100, sometimes even less!

The dollar store can be your best friend when looking to cheaply decorate your cubicle. I also headed to my local HomeGoods to get unique items that paired well together.

from my office desk

Here are my office decor essentials:

Dress up your pen stand

This is one of the simplest things to do to make your desk at work reflect your personality. You don’t have to get a fancy pen stand, but try to get something that you like.

I’ve got a canister from Homegoods that has some cut-iron detail on it. It keeps all of my pens, highlighters, pencils, and white board markers in a neat spot. Plus it suits the color theme I am going for.

My co-worker has a really unique pen stand! It is actually in the shape of a closed fist. It’s definitely a conversation piece.

Hand pencil holder $19.99



Add Color

When the entire office is bland and boring, you need a little something to spice up your day. I recommend adding blues in a nice pastel or colors that remind you of a nice sunny summer day. For me, those shades always cheer me and my coworkers up. My desk at work is a mixture of blues and metals. I face away from the window so I also like to have a nice visual of the clouds or nature scenes on my screen to keep me going.

I also like to have colorful post it notes on my desk for quick reminders. Even my mouse pad has pretty print on it to brighten up my dull gray office desk. Amazon has some affordable ones keyboard/desk mats and mouse pads.

You can go for a desk mat that doubles as an organization tool such as this one below.  Or one that has your favorite bands picture on it. 

For my office at home, I painted one wall a seafoam green color. It brightens the room without requiring too much effort. Plus blues and greens tend to keep stress levels down which is always important in a work environment.



I work in an environment where every desk should appear the same and every thing is clean and open. I like to differentiate my cubicle by having my favorite blanket draped on my chair, a nice chalk board for quotes, and even a faux silk plant. My coworkers like to add their own quirky pictures, knickknacks and games to de-stress. One of my workers even has her own collection of Lego displayed on her desk. Another coworker keeps one of those adult coloring books at her desk for moments when she needs to wind down.


No matter how technologically advance we get, we will always need some form of paper products to get us through. I like keeping colorful folders, and coordinating them between different projects.

At my home office, I have gold accents everywhere. I re-purposed a gold jewelry holder to store my thumbtacks, paper clips, binder clips and other office essentials. I also have file holder in a matching gold shade to store the random letters and emails I need. 


What is in my traveling skincare bag?

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Hubby and I are weekend travelers. Whether it is a weekend in the cabins, or a drive down to Houston, we like to save our vacation days and head out to experience some adventures for the weekend.

This past weekend I headed out to my parent’s house in Houston to celebrate my sister’s birthday. We usually leave right after work so that means I have to pack an overnight bag quickly.

In order to make my packing experience less tedious, I keep a beauty bag with my favorite default items.

I get my favorite items in a sample size or a traveler’s size from Sephora. This way I have the same products to use even when I’m traveling.

Skin care-

Neutrogena makeup wipes|Origins Checks & Balances Frothy face wash|Origins GinZing scrub|Origins Original Skin Serum|Josie maran argan oil|Rose water

If it’s been a crazy weekend and I’m exhausted this is my holy grail. I just wipe my makeup off using this, and rinse before heading straight to bed. If I’ve got more time, then I use the frothy face wash & scrub. Most of the time, especially if I wore makeup that day, I’ll use the face wipes, then use the scrub just to make sure my skin is baby smooth. I’ll use the rose-water as a toner and follow-up with my serum & the Argan oil depending on how oily my skin is.


Naked skin makeup|Urban Decay concealor|Kat von d tattoo liner|Elizabeth Arden pencil liner|Voluminous mascara|Naked palette|Anastasia contour kit|Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick

If I’m going to Houston for a normal weekend, then I usually pack these items. A good base consists of my foundation and concealor and that’s what I build the rest of my look on. My sisters usually have the more elaborate items I can borrow if need be. I tend to pack the basics and change-up my lip color to change my look. The Naked Palette has a good range of neutral colors so that I can use that for day looks as well as night looks.

I prefer a bold eye look over a bold lip look but if there is a special event then I will use my bright Stila lippie.

If I’m traveling for a wedding, then I pack some additional eye colors in gold, silver, and sometimes even my Anastasia Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette. That palette has some nice rose toned colors that go well for weddings and other events.