Cabin in the Woods- A weekend in Oklahoma


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Earlier this month, I had the privilege of going away with a few of my best friends here in Dallas. 8 couples and an adorable 3 year old drove almost 3 hours to the Beaver’s Bend Creative Escapes resort located in the Broken Bow State Park.

One of my coworkers, Amanda, had suggested this company and honestly after spending the weekend there, I would totally suggest this to anyone as well.

We rented two cabins right next to each other. The men stayed in one, while the women relaxed in the other one. Each cabin had a fire pit, a hot tube,  3 bedrooms, a living area, and a fully equipped kitchen.  The cabin that the men stayed in had a play room with a Foosball table, pool table and more!

Source: Beaver’s Bend Creative Escapes

The weekend was filled with lounging, lots of good food, relaxing in the hot tub and hiking the trails.

Source: Beaver’s Bend Creative Escapes

Each of the sofa’s converted into sofa bed

Source: Beavers Bend Creative Escapes

Source: Beaver’s Bend Creative Escape



Image Courtesy of my friends


The state park has some beautiful landscapes that awed us even during the cold winter days. There were so many lakes, streams and rivers that we kept stopping on our drive around the 1,300 acre state park. We didn’t get much time to do a lot of outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking or even lengthy hiking. But we did enjoy the hot tub, the fire pit, and other activities around.



Image courtesy of my friends

If you are within driving distance, I would recommend this park and especially our cabins to anyone. I plan to head back during the Spring with my family to enjoy some hiking and fishing!




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