Ramadan Mubarak!


Ramadan Mubarak

It’s here! The month we wait for every year is finally here.The sleepless nights, the empty stomachs and Inn Sha Allah the hearts filled with ibaadah and peace.

This is the one month that requires all Muslims to fast to celebrate the deliverance of the Quran and to feel the plight of the less fortunate. In this month, the billion plus population of Muslims forgo their right to even the halal items such as food, water, intimacy so that they can learn to better control themselves. Granted not everyone walks away unscathed and able to perfect these habits, but Ramadan is a reminder that we are all human beings and that even though the devils may be locked up and hell’s doors are closed this month, there are some innate sins that we all perform.

Let’s make this month the best month ever and may this Ramadan be easy on you all.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you throughout Ramadan.



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