20/20 Vision: 20 things I’ve learned in my Twenties!


20 Things I’ve learned in my 20s.

  1. Everyone has an opinion but not everyone’s opinion matters

      • There are always going to be people in your life who won’t understand you nor will they support your decisions. There will also be people in your life who will constantly try to put you down whether it’s about career decisions, personal decisions-like marriage, and even about how you look.
      • I’ve learned to listen to everyone’s opinion but with a grain of salt. I’ve learned to value my own decisions and opinion above anyone else’s. I will take into consideration what certain people like my parents, my siblings, my husband and in laws say but ultimately I will trust that God gave me enough ability to make my own decisions.

  2. Dress comfortably and sensibly. 

    • There is absolutely no reason to dress in 6 inch stilettos and a mini skirt if you are constantly catching yourself from falling or pulling down your skirt to prevent a wardrobe mishap. Your knees will thank you for ditching those stilettos and choosing the shorter, more durable kitten heels.
  3. Focus on yourself and then others

    • Now this may sound extremely selfish but bear with me. Have you ever tried to give something (let’s say money) to someone that you wanted to help but you didn’t have any on you? Well this is the same concept. If you burn yourself out and constantly try to put 100% of yourself into your friends, family, and work, you will be left with nothing for yourself. 
  4. Build a relationship with God

      • Having a strong spiritual relationship with God is really important. By the time you are in your 20s, you’ve come to understand that the world isn’t as safe as you think it is. Keeping your morals and ethics high will result in you following a path that can eventually make the world a better place.

  5. Clean your space daily- whether its work or home

    • A cluttered space creates a cluttered mind. Taking 10- 15 mins a day to clean your workspace or even making your bed will allow you to tackle your most important things rather than needing to shuffle through endless piles of paper.
  6. Talk to your parents often

    • Your mother spent 9 months growing you in her womb and almost 20 + years raising you in the outside world. You are at the point of your life when you are becoming more independent and more capable of taking care of yourself. Your parents are probably adjusting to the fact that you no longer rely on them for everything. Having a short conversation with your mother and father on a weekly basis will keep your relationship civil and it will also let them know that you love them and appreciate them.
  7. You don’t need the next “It” thing

    • Put down that latest iPhone, the newest iPad, or even that new shade of lipstick from Nars. There is no need for you to have 100 pairs of shoes, or 30 shades of lipstick just because it’s slightly different than the one you already own.
  8. Save! Save! Save!

    • You know how your parents always told you that you should save and you never understood why? Well when you hit your 20s you will understand exactly why you needed to save. The people who saved when they were younger are the ones who are now a little bit more ahead in life. Whether it is saving up to purchase a house, go on a trip or pay off your college loans, make sure you have enough money so that in case you lose your job, you have enough to pay your bills, have food to eat and can afford a ‘lean’ lifestyle.

  9. Don’t compare yourself to others

    • Just because the person next to you has what you want/need doesn’t mean that person is happy. It’s not worth the stress and drama.
  10. You don’t need to get married or have children

    • No matter what anyone says, it is not a requirement in life to get married or have children. The world is populated enough, and you might not have found the right person yet. Don’t rush things.
  11. Your political views don’t need to follow conventional standards

      • You don’t have to identify with being a Republican or a Democrat. There are more options out there.

  12. Mama is (almost) always right

    • Most of the time. Listen to her advice and then make your own decision.
  13. Forgive and forget

    • The pressure of holding a grudge is too much. Just because someone did you wrong doesn’t mean you should waste your time and energy disliking them. Focus on yourself and forget the rest.
  14. Your work is not your identity

    • Repeat after me- “You are more than the job description assigned to you”. You might excel at your job or you might suck at it. That doesn’t mean that your job is your identity. There is nothing wrong with not working as long as your bills are paid and you are able to not work. And there is nothing wrong with working and putting all of your time into work.
  15. Take a break from ‘reality’

    • Vacations are necessary. Take the occasional trip to beach, park or even a spa near your home. You don’t need to go far away in order to recharge.
  16. Do something you love everyday

    • Do you love to read? Is art your passion? Or is that journal you carry around your life line? Don’t let the mundane happenings of the world steer you away from your passions. Take 30 minutes out of your day to do what you love
  17. Exercise and healthy food are important

      • Alright, this one was tough for me to learn. I love junk food. Pizza, pasta, chips, sodas, you name it- I ate it! But once I started my 20s, I noticed that my body doesn’t react the same way to binge eating cookies. Putting good, nutritious food in my body helps me feel better!

  18. The Truth always prevails- so don’t lie!

    • This is a no brainer. Lying doesn’t help anyone. Just be honest and respectful.
  19. Drama is not worth the stress

    • That girlfriend not toning down the drama? Well, maybe it’s just time to call it quits with her. Drama is definitely something that creates an unnecessary burden on our souls.
  20. Education is key to a bright future. 

      • You don’t need to get a PhD in order to be educated. Read books, travel, talk to new people, check out a different cuisine’s restaurant. Education is not limited to schools and university. Find a way to increase your knowledge every day.


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