#FBF: In-Laws come to visit

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As many of you might know, my in-laws live in India while hubby and I live in Texas. The distance makes it quite difficult for us to see each other very often as vacation schedules, and monetary constraints add up (it’s about $1500 a person to fly to India, yikes!).

In November 2014, hubby and I went to go visit them in India. But before we went to see them, they came to see us! My mother-in-law, father-in-law and my darling sister-in-law took a month long adventure in May 2014. 

Hubby & I took some time off from work, convinced our managers to let us work from home for a while and adjusted the days we had to be at the office so that we could maximize the time with them. 

We traveled a lot together! Here’s a look at some of the amazing places we went. 

New York! New York!

My in laws flew into Houston, and we drove to Dallas. After spending a few days in Dallas, we flew to New York. 

New York is one of the most popular destinations for out of country people. I grew up in New York so going back was a blast! I got to share my childhood with my in-laws. Show them the streets I walked as a teenager, the house I lived in as a child and the areas where most of my mom’s family still lives.


View from the top of the Empire State Building

Ok, so I’m a little obsessed with tall buildings and looking at skylines. So much so, that this was my 5th time going to the Empire State Building and heading to the top to see the skyline of New York. There is something just breath taking about city skylines. Can you imagine the creativity and intelligence that must have been behind each and every building?!

031.JPGFrom the metal jungle, we went to witness the beauty of Nature. We drove from Queens, NY to Niagara Falls. 


It was an 8 hour drive each way and hubby & I  were both exhausted. We didn’t anticipate how time consuming and tiring the entire trip was. 041 (2).JPG

We had originally anticipated staying at Niagara for the night and heading back to Queens the next day but my in-laws couldn’t bare the cold and wanted to get back to the city. 042 (2).JPG
043 (2).JPG




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