10 Dresses to spruce up your Spring wardrobe!

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Spring is one of my favorite seasons in Texas. It’s the perfect temperature with a beautiful breeze. Springtime for Texas is essentially summer time for the rest of America. Our spring season generally ranges from 60s-80s.

Most Texans can attest to the fact that all of our “summer” activities occur during the spring.

We plan our picnics, BBQs, trips to the lake and other outdoor activities now rather than the summer, mostly because our summers end up being 100 degrees. Ouch!

When I first moved from New York to Houston, the drastic summer heat made me so sad. I thought all my days of wearing summer dresses were gone and that I’d have to suffer through the 100 degree weather. When Fall and Spring came along, I realized that I could wear my dresses and be comfortable for a longer period of time.




H&M Floral Chiffon Dress

H&M Floral Chiffon Dress $29.99




Zara Floral Dress $99


Forever 21 Contemporary Floral Dress $12.90


Boohoo Paisley Dress $40


Love Culture Coral Crochet Bell Floral $29.95



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