Countdown! 90 days until Ramadan

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90 days! That is all that we have between us and Ramadan for this year! Can you believe that we are just a few short months away from spending 2 Ramadans together on this blog? 

I haven’t been the best blogger since the beginning but for the next 90 days, I promise to do better. 

I’ll be focusing not only on preparing for Ramadan posts, but also on self reflection posts. 

The next 90 days will be filled with tons of new things to do and try. Hopefully by the time Ramadan rolls by, we’ll have changed for the better and improved not only ourselves but the lives around us. 

I’m going to try to clear the clutter from my apartment so that I can have a clean, functional space before Ramadan. I’m also trying to use up any unnecessary groceries before Ramadan starts so that my kitchen and pantry are minimalistic. 

Peace and blessings to all! 


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