Weekend tourist: Washington, D.C


Life is most exciting when you do spontaneous things. This past weekend we decided to take an impromptu trip to the nations capital.

My siblings flew from Houston where they met up with my cousins. Hubs and I flew straight to DC while the cousins  drove up from New York.

Let me tell you a little about my cousins…

Growing up this set of cousins were always closest to our family. My aunt is like a second mother to me- always taking care of us, always there to talk to us and give us advice. She’s my mother’s best friend. The two of them are rock solid and in my entire life I’ve never seen them angry at each other at all.



That was always the inspiration for my sisters and I. Every time my mom and aunt would be on the phone talking about exciting or mundane things, my sisters and I would turn to each other and be like “that’s the type of relationship we want in the future.”

My cousins are made from the same thing. Growing up, I never had a biological older brother but that never meant I never had a older brother.


This weekend was a reunion of sorts. When we lived in New York we used to see them all the time. Moving to Texas has made that more difficult but we still keep in touch. IMG_3513.JPG

This was also the first time my cousins and husband got to spend a great deal of time together. I can’t praise the Lord enough for this blessing.


We spent some time at the National Mall park, saw the Lincoln memorial, the Washington memorial, the Capitol Hill, the two of the Smithsonian museums, the Library of Congress, and the outside of the White House. IMG_3535.JPG

Because we planned our trip on such short notice, we couldn’t take a tour of the White House because you need at least 21 days to request a tour.


We also ate at some amazing places this weekend! Breakfast/brunch at Ted’s bulletin is a must if you go to DC. The menu is divine and the food is delicious. Be mindful that there is always a rush so a wait time to 30 mins is expected.


We also had Georgetown cupcakes, and Max Brenner for dessert. Dinner was different both days as well. We opted for burgers at Grand Trunk, a funky Indian restaurant where the Naan burgers are a delight. The second day we ate at Tosca, an upscale turf and surf place. Everyone’s meal at Tosca was divine. I’ve never had a more fabulous salmon and hubs has never had a more succulent Chilean sea bass.

Over all the meals, sights and company were the best on this trip.

Alhamdulilah. Praise God,  thank God.

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