New this month! UD Naked Smoky & IPSY bag

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Have I ever told you guys how much I love makeup? By now I’m sure you realize that I am obsessed with Urban Decay products, most especially their Naked palettes. 

Canon_August2015 2192

The packaging is gorgeous! It’s a thick plastic casing that looks like it captured the smoke. Very beautiful in my opinion. 

Canon_August2015 2193

My favorite things about this palette is the range of colors. It’s not just a dark palette. I wear the light brown colors on a daily basis and the dark colors for nights out in town.

Canon_August2015 2204The color payoff is just what you expect from Urban Decay. This is actually one swipe with no pressure. As you can see below I didn’t take a lot off from the palette!

Canon_August2015 2200

I’ve been playing with these colors all month and hopefully I’ll get to do a blog post on the looks.

My IPSY bag this month was really nice as well. I got a lipstick in a gorgeous pink shade. I’ve been wearing it on a near-daily basis. I also got a tarte bronzer! The shade is perfect for my complexion and I’ve been using it for day time contouring. I haven’t gotten a chance to try out the Eva.Nyc dry shampoo yet but I’ve heard really good things about it, and the other products from this brand are of good quality so I’m sure I can expect great things from it.

Canon_August2015 2187

Two brands that I received and didn’t really care for was the chap stick from Jersey Shore Sun and the OFRA eye shadow. The chap stick seems like it was an after thought and that they ran out of products so they tossed it in the bag. I can use the eye shadow as a highlighter and the color pay off was subtle enough to do so, but I don’t have a Z-palette or something I can just snap this eye shadow into so it would be kind of difficult to use in my makeup bag.

I can’t wait for my August bag just to see what goodies I get to try from IPSY

I’m so excited! My August Glam Bag is on the way!

 Join me on @ipsy! Here’s a referral link if you’d like to sign up 

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