Anti-Aging/Skin Care Haul

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Let’s talk about the best products out there to help you prevent lines and reduce dark spots. As I mentioned in my last post, fine lines and dark spots are tell tale signs of a mature or maturing complexion (or more commonly known as the – “Wow you look old” signs!). 

I’ve had some gift cards from Sephora & Macy’s that I wanted to use up.

This haul was a long time coming as I’ve recently used up my regular cleansing and moisturizing products.

[Keep in mind, I used Ebates and a lot of discounts & coupons to get these products so I definitely didn’t pay full price. Always be on the look out for good deals! ]



  1.  ORIGINS PLANTSCRIPTION  Anti-Aging Origins Anti-Aging Essentials Set ($20)
  2. philosophy radiant & refined skincare value set ($70.00)


  1. philosophy Miracle worker miraculous anti-aging moisturizer ($60.00 for 2 oz)
  2. OLE HENRIKSEN Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster ($48.00 for 1 oz)
    • The truth serum is citrus scented and is great for a pick-me-up during the day. It goes onto the skin and doesn’t feel heavy or overwhelming. This serum supports natural collagen production, brightens the complexion and minimizes fine lines.


  1. PETER THOMAS ROTH- Clinical Skin Care Mega Rich  Intensive anti- aging cellular eye creme ($65.00 for .76 oz )
  2.  Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Smooths, Restores, Corrects($49.50 for 1 oz)
    • The repair wear laser focus is a favorite of mine. It is light and seems to fill in every tiny crease on my face. I wear it in the morning before putting on my makeup and it helps smooth out the fine lines near my eyes! 


Some of these are repurchases such as the Ole Henriksen truth serum and the Clinique Repairware. I do love those two.

I’m excited to give these a try! I know they are a bit pricey but if you can find coupons, ebates, and points back, you really aren’t spending that full price. 

I will be doing a post on at home anti-aging tips you can try! 

Let me know if you’ve tried these products or if you have some other favorite anti-aging products!

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