Mountains Galore!

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Sorry for the hiatus! Last week I accidentally cut my finger in an immersion blender. It hurt and I needed 10 stitches. I finally got them taken out today.

Last weekend, hubby and I took a short trip to Colorado. We’ve always wanted to spend some time in the mountains. Growing up, I was surrounded by mountains of a whole different kind- steel mountains as I would call them!

Our first day was spent driving through Denver and admiring the beautiful landscape. The mountains set in the background against the tall city skyline are breathtaking. Even when you see the skyline, you are drawn to the creation of God. There is something so humbling about standing in front of 14,000ft tall mountains.


Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

Rainbow Falls is hidden away in a small part of Manitou Springs about 10 miles away from Colorado Springs. The parking is a dirt lot suitable for about 5 cars leading up to the entrance of the park. The waterfall is hidden behind a bridge. The bridge has been vandalized with graffiti. Even that cannot retract from the beauty of the gushing water that runs into the stream.


Stream heading downhill at Rainbow Falls, Colorado


Bridge over Rainbow Falls! The graffiti art was beautiful!


Red Rocks Amphitheater


Red Rocks Amphitheater


On the way to Boulder, Colorado


Hubs & I on top of the Garden of God observation declk.


Garden of the Gods, Denver — looking onto Rocky Mountains


Fresh Snow covered Mountains!


Hubs & I had coffee on this ledge overlooking Garden of the Gods



En-route to Colorado Springs


The snowy Mountains captured my heart!


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