Sis comes to Dallas! Day 3


On Day 3, Amirah went to go see her other friends in Dallas. This meant I finally got to have some one-on-one time with my sister. Since we were little, Mahreen & I have been close. We’ve spent a lot of time sharing secrets, clothes, and even bedrooms.

We ventured off to downtown Grapevine, and Downtown Dallas.

Grapevine Water Tower

My sister sipping coffee

Grapevine is a suburb of Dallas nearly 25 minutes west. I’ve never been had a chance to explore the Main street area of Grapevine until now.

Grapevine Wall Art

Mural Art- Downtown Grapevine

There are some amazing street art murals that tell the history of the city of Grapevine. It takes major talent to tell a story through your artwork.

Grapevine clock tower

Grapevine Glockenspiel Clock Tower

The clock tower in Grapevine stands tall above a replication of a traveler’s hotel. The hotel isn’t functional but stands as a museum teaching visitors the history of Grapevine. Twice a day, two cowboys come out of the clock tower and chase each other in an electronic re-enactment of the outlaw days of Texas. At first we didn’t know of this show so we were slightly afraid of the shadow of the cowboy.


Downtown Grapevine


Downtown Grapevine


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