Masala Kr3W- Dallas Days 1&2

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For those of you who don’t know me, I used to live in Long Island, New York. My parents moved to Houston when I was almost 18 years old meaning I had to leave behind my best friends.

I was 12 years old when I first met my best friend. She was two months younger than me, attended the same religion school, and was a striking blonde, tall Pakistani girl named Hafsa. Amirah is Hafsa’s younger sister who happens to be my younger sister Mahreen’s best friend.


How lucky is it that my sister and I have best friends that are related?! This made our childhood so much more simple! Every time I wanted to hang out, my sister & Amirah got to hang out also.


Mahreen & Amirah- attached at the hip

M&A midtown Dallas

The four of us have been best friends for 14 years!

Mahreen & Amirah had spring break this week and decided to take some time out to come see me in Dallas. Mahreen drove down with me from Houston, while Amirah flew in afterwards.


We had 3 days to spend in Dallas together before we head out over to Houston to see the rest of my family.

Dallas Day 1:

The first day was pretty low key. Amirah flew in around 3 pm and we had lunch at Fadi’s Mediterranean Restaurant. We drove around Dallas downtown just a bit then headed home to relax.

Fadi's Lunch Buffet

Dinner was home made steak, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. Amirah has never has steak!


Dallas Day 2:

Our day started off on a high note. The Reunion Tower is a 561 ft tall structure that oversees the downtown skyline. The observation deck is a circular outdoor area where you can walk around.

The outdoor section is fenced in so that you can take pictures without worrying about your safety.


Me & Amirah

We made our way to Downtown Dallas to Klyde Warren Park to people watch.


Klyde Warren Park


We ended our day by heading over NoodleWave- a halal thai restaurant in Richardson. The food was delicious as always. We ordered the basil chicken for appetizer to share.

Almond Sriracha Chicken, Crab Woonton, Pad See Ew

Clockwise: Pad See Ew Chicken, Crab Woonton, Almond Sriracha Chicken

Love Noor


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