Who am I?

about me

Hello! As you may know by now, I am Noor and I would like to thank you for visiting my blog!

 I’m a twenty-five year old Texan living in Dallas. I am a firm believer in my religion (Islam) and I’m a very proud American Muslim! I grew up in New York and moved to Houston for University. Since graduating, I’ve moved to Dallas. I have two sisters and a brother- all of whom are younger than me.

By profession, I am a Systems Analyst in the IT field and I work at a renowned corporate company putting in 40+ hours a week!  Keeping busy isn’t hard when you add in life’s responsibilities on top of work.

 My vision for this blog is to become your best friend through style advice, religious discussion and travel. I’m passionate about improving myself every day and I’d love to help you along as well.

Please be sure to like and share! Also, if you have any comments, please don’t be shy to interact with me! I will always try my best to respond, insha Allah.

To inquire about collaborating, styling opportunities, and/or product reviews, please contact me at: findyournoor@gmail.com. 

Disclaimer: I will never falsely advertise a product that I do not feel 100% about. All the reviews on my blog are honest opinions and this is key to my success. I value my readers and I will always provide quality reviews. I reserve the right to decline/refuse any collaboration which do not fit within my lifestyle or style aesthetic.
Love Noor


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